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May 2006

Editing alternatives

Sure we've got Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro and Motion and After Effects to edit and do effects with on the Mac... but what if you want to use something else? You could move to the PC and get Adobe Premiere Pro, or Avid Liquid or Sony Vegas or other... but if you ...

P2 workflow article

I'm digging the P2 workflow as I edit on 2 different projects that originated on P2. Here's a quickie article at that has some detail on cutting down on HD edit time.

P2 tutorial

I'm working on a couple of jobs that originated on the new Panasonic HVX200.. shot in HD to P2 media. No tape!!! I'm gonna post some footage soon. Here is a nice tutorial at Creative Cow no how to import from the P2 card.


I use both Avid and Final Cut Pro. I use them both and love them both and can argue the merits of both with anyone out there. And one thing that I appreciate about the both of them is that on both Avid and Apple's respective web sites they have customer stories and profiles. I ...