"The grass is greener, the sky is bluer.." A must listen podcast.

TWiM: 16 Revelation

If you are an editor, filmmaker or just a movie-goer / film fan, then #16 of the TWiT Network’s This Week In Media is a must listen. The description is simple: “Alex Lindsay, Ron Brinkmann, Daryn Okada, and Steve Wright discuss the ins and outs of film vs. video.” But it is so much more than that as they discuss a number of technical issues, personal opinions and forecasts for the future. Things do get just a little bit too technical sometimes for the casual moviegoer but most people that listen, they will understand it all … and learn a lot. If you have ever pondered that question of “Should I shoot film or video?” or even really wondered what all the fuss is about, then this podcast is a must! You can also subscribe via the iTunes Music Store and get it every week.

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