A look at the past

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Every now and then it is fun to take a look back at where we have come from. A friend sent this link over to the Avid Graphics FAQ. It’s a few pages of tips and tricks for Avid Media Composer … from like 1996. Being that I have been working on an Avid Symphony for the last couple of weeks it was a nice reminder of how for Avid software has come over the years.

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Remember the AVR resolutions? Those were the days. AVR 3s, 3m, 75, 77. No one knew what they meant  but the higher the number the better the quality and the more disk space and data rate you had to have. Stacks of 9 gig drives were state of the art!

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The timeline has changed little in some 8 + years. Here’s a look at the timeline today.
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The Quicktime export has changed quite a lot and that is a good thing.

Take a longer stroll down memory lane at the Avid Graphics FAQ.