"Nesting" in Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro


In this 6th installment of Avid vs. FCP we take a look at “nesting” in the applications and how the term differs.

First, give the nesting article a read at this link.

I think it’s obvious that if I could choose only one “nesting” feature then it would be what Final Cut Pro offers. I think the main thing to consider is that while Avid and Final Cut Pro are very similar (“same buttons, different places” is one phrase I like to use to describe the two apps) there are still aspects that are very different. Nesting and the handling of multiple effects would be one of the biggest differences. But similar results can be achieved. Though it does have limitations that can bite the editor if he/she is not careful, the Final Cut Pro nesting concept is something I wish that Avid would add in Xpress Pro.