Useful tools for editors. Part 10.

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Internet support forums are a great thing. You can find information, get help, do research, learn lots of nice tips and tricks as well as help other people. And sometimes someone offers up a free piece of software! A discussion thread in the Apple Final Cut Forum was started by a nice fellow named Caleb, pointing to a link to download a Dashboard Widget called Aspect. It can be used to take “popular ratios used in video and film and calculates any size you need based on the height or width and pixel aspect.” It’s not unlike the Aspect Ratio Calculator I linked to not long ago but it has a few more bells and whistles. Caleb states that he asked a friend to make the widget for him a few months ago and he wanted to pass it along to others. Thanks Caleb!

Grab the widget from this file hosting site by clicking the Download link at the top.