OT: A nice iPhone discovery

I discovered a nice little iPhone trick the other day by accident and thought I would share it for all the iPhone owners out there who get frustrated that you have to perform the “slide to unlock” move before you can do anything after waking the phone from sleep. This may be common knowledge but I didn’t know it was possible so I was happy to find it.

If you have a track playing on the iPod and the iPhone goes to sleep (or you have put it to sleep), just double click the home button from sleep mode and you will get an iPod controller at the top of the screen. It’s a controller complete with play/pause button, skip track buttons that can be held down for fast forward and rewind, a volume slider and the track title. If you have album art for the track it will be displayed in the background. And you can access all of these control quickly without having to perform the “slide to unlock” dance:


It’s not easy to photograph the iPhone screen btw. If you knew this trick then good for you. If you didn’t then Merry Christmas!