Time. Talent. Software

I’m sure that anyone who reads this blog also reads HD For Indies. Mike posted an amazing clip yesterday from You Tube that show how a group of guys took a camcorder and VW station wagon full of costumes and gear and presumable a lot of compositing software and … well … kind of recreated the beach invasion from Saving Private Ryan. If you saw if over at Mike’s site and didn’t watch the clip then give it a look now as it’s only 4 minutes long.

There’s really 3 things that makes something like this possible today. First thing that comes to mind of the affordable technology. Cameras plus edit and composting software that most anyone can have on their desktop and can produce these kinds of visual effects were unheard of less than a decade ago. Second one must have talent. To conceive, plan and execute such a piece takes a level of talent that I haven’t achieved yet. And finally there is time. The video says 4 days but add in the pre-production planning as well as the modeling, editing, composting and effects work that went into post and I’ll bet it took a bit longer than 4 days. But man was the result worth it. This piece looks like part of a bigger show (Richard Hammond of Top Gear pops up at the front). I want to see more!