Entertainment Weekly: Avid is top 25 tech

If you love those pop culture top 10, 100, 1000 lists then you have to pick up the June 27 & July 4 issue of Entertainment Weekly. The issue attempts to name and explain the “1000 best movies, albums, books & more of the last 25 years.” One category is tech: The 25 innovations that changed entertainment. Avid makes an appearance at number 12:

The website doesn’t have any description so here’s that EW says about Avid, from the magazine:

The movie-editing software was among the first to let filmmakers splice and dice digitally.

That’s pretty good list placement for a tool used in such an unseen and under-appreciated craft like editing. Avid placed above such things as Netflix (#16), Amazon.con (#19) and the Game Boy (#20) …. of course who really knows how official these kinds of lists are anyway. But they sure are fun to read and discuss. Click over and you can view the other lists online, like movies, television and music among others.