Linkage: February 09

Brian Wilson has started a blog about his Adventures in (AVC)HD and his new Panasonic HMC150. I’ll be reading this one with much interest.

This Motion tutorial is an easy method to do speed changes on particle effects. It helped me out of a jam one day.

Miny is yet another low cost 35mm lens adapter.

Shane Ross has produced a great tutorial on how to use film effects to enhance your footage, over at Art Beats.

For a great laugh, Steve is breaking up with Avid and has expressed his feelings in a letter.

Jon Chappell talks back-up options for filmmakers. And we all need them.

Alex4D has a number of free Final Cut Pro plug-ins.

FinalCutKing is posting even more FCP tutorial videos on You Tube.

Silverado Systems asks What do you want to see in the new Final Cut Studio 3?

You really can make a follow-focus out of Legos.

Over at Focus on Final Cut at Pro Video Coalition there’s quite a few recent articles. Composite Modes, ProRes Clips from Log and Transfer and my article 3 ways to get RED footage into FCP are all online.

Links from Twitter:

blatherskyke found Layers, an app which takes screen shots into multi-layer PSD files.

pauldv has Christian Bale getting pissed off at the editor.

Gautch found filmaps where you can share and discover film locations.

big_b_rad found a quick online HD video site comparison.

Speaking of Twitter, 140it “Makes Your Tweet Less Than 140 Characters.”


As a father-to-be I find f*****g funny as hell. And that’s an appropriate post to be followed by this link to How to Shoot an Indoor Maternity Session.

And of course there’s Sony’s “curse”-ed new product. This one is funny but NSFW.