Hot August Linkage: August 09


If you’ve ever tried to wrap you head around the Avid 601 and RGB settings on import and export then this is for you.

Imagineer Systems is hosting their 2nd Annual Video Contest. Deadline is September, 15.

The battles rages on with Final Cut Studio 3 and Avid feature requests.

Here’s some helpful info on aspect ratios and frame rates.

Suite Take has part 1 of a series on staying organized.

Steve Martin talks about 10 things he loves in Final Cut Pro 7.

Stu Maschwita helps of flatten our Canon 5D video for more latitude in post.

Alex Gollner talks about how to use Automator to set FCP poster frames.

Shane Ross talks about how to manage lots of subtitles in FCP.

Jason Calacanis write his case against Apple.

Mark Spencer has posted a free chapter to his new Motion 4 book.

Paul Zadie tells us how to put Adobe’s Kuler into the OS X color picker.

Viewing habits point to the future of tv and Internet video.

Codec wars 2009 codec comparison, though I wish they had also included Cineform.

Here’s an Arri D21 FAQ since RED’s not the only D-cinema camera out there.

Paramount puts Blu-ray first in staggered release. I remember when VHS worked this way!

How about an iPhone app for making storyboards? There’s an app for that.

And there’s one for script supervisors as well.

The iPhone goes head-to-head against the Flip Mino HD.

The RED Rocket card live on Vimeo.

Tile Stack is your creative playground: create, play, publish.

This guy hates his Apple TV (and I agree that it does have a lot of untapped potential).

Want some free HD green screen and visual effects plates to download and play with?

Another footage comparison of RED, 5D and Lumix.

Keep an eye toward motionworks for an A to Z of After Effects effects.

How to animate a matte key in Avid is a handy thing to know.

You got until September 25 to pitch for a $5,000 grant for your documentary.

Links from Twitter:

brucesharpeHow to install Final Cut Studio so it’s really stable.

HeathFashinaInteresting info about sending your sequence to Compressor from FCP7

nicholaspattenThe Making of the Prius “Harmony” TV Commercial.

andymeesis Red Giant the culprit behind FCP7 white screen master template issues?

winstonavichHave you seen this Coen Brothers masterpiece? It’s only three minutes long.

ianshepherdUsing compression to add punch, warmth and balls to your mix

mediaguy777FREE 10-Week Lightroom Course!

wingrove: The Cineraw ‘Sparta’ (bluecam) evolves

kfirpravdaApple iTunes Getting Into Original Content

micahstephensName the New Final Cut Studio, some funny suggestions

emptyframe Sweet, screenwriting on iPhone.


thedvshow – vintage Vietnam era Hi-8 camera- could not get this past Airport security

alisterrobbieooh. just discovered the Film Tools site. sooo many toys. mmm car mounts for some summer driving fun.

schnittman100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About. No. 71 Remembering someone’s phone number. No. 92 Writing a check.

tylerginter And this is how the shutter works on a DSLR! So cool 🙂

artguillotineThelma Schoonmaker on Her Career:

And digitalreb has tweeted lots of good links:

Adobe CS5 to be Intel-only (no surprise):

Apple offers matte display option on 15″ MacBook Pro:

Even more people reporting Frame Controls issues with Compressor 3.5. Looks like a big bug:

The 17″ MacBook Pro is equivalent to the top-end iMac in ProApp usage:

And off-topic:

I love these 13 examples of great out of focus photos.

toddzelinSome of the tops chef’s in America talk about the best and worst fast food in America.

stevensantosRoger Ebert on the gathering dark age and the dumbing down of our culture

And you must check out District 9. It doesn’t matter if you like sci fi or not (I generally do not) as it’s one of the most original, amazing, thought provoking, violent and emotional movies that I’ve seen in many years. It’s filmmaking at its finest that must be supported. And it was shot on RED.