Linkage: September 09


Noah Kadner’s book about the RED camera has been released and is pretty much the only one.

Check out my ParticleMetrix review for Studio Monthly. Verdict : sweet.

Little Frog talks about a sequence clip reporter app.

Here’s 10 good steps to getting and keeping a client.

Here’s discussion of Final Cut Studio and Avid feature requests.

Cartoon Creator looks like a fun iPhone app, especially for the budding, young animator.

Is it really cheaper to shoot digitally than to shoot film?

This is a great RED based article from Mike Jones.

Is 222 Apple Motion tutorials enough to keep you busy for a while?

Andy Mees talks about some secret FCP shortcuts.

The built-in Final Cut Pro cropping won’t feather the edge when you actually crop but this plug-in solves that problem.

myDVDEdit wants to be the ResEdit for DVDs … but from the website it’s kinda hard to find out exactly what it does.

Here’s an AIR based app that is a library of Adobe application shortcuts.

Concentrate promises to help get work done.

You can reveal hidden menu bar functions in Snow Leopard.

This is a cool power strip.

Here’s a summer 2009 movie wrap-up.

A couple of cool After Effects filters include Bitweiser Light to deal with overexposed footage and Bad TV to make some bad tv.

Animoto does “beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your media. Free, fast and shockingly easy.” You know, when you don’t want to edit them yourself.

Here’s a color correction case study on a feature film in a nice 27 minute video.

Make it easier to find what you’re looking for with the new Snow Leopard.

What does a 1917 motion picture and a RED camera have in common?

Here’s a very niche book about guerrilla horror filmmakers.

The Yelp iPhone app has added a hidden “augmented reality” feature.

ae tuts has a cool lesson on creating those glitchy interface animations that are quite common.

Gruml is a new Google Reader stand-alone app from the Mac.

Links from Twitter:

shepherdfx20 Creative Apps For Your iPhone

danielkutzThe Horror that is Pan and Scan

hennincFree encoding recipes PDF for Compressor, Squeeze and the likes – via Jim Curtis on FCP-L

bcfilmmakerRED ALERT! 10 Things RED Camera Users Need To Know

digitalrebCan FCP and FCE be installed on the same drive? Apparently so:

rhedpixel Quentin Tarantino: Hit director when he picks a genre people care about, an expensive hobbyist when he doesn’t.

ericnon America’s subsidies for filmmaking

AvidTechnology Knowledge Base >> Importing media from a ‘Flip’ Camera:

ianshepherd Why mp3s sound bad, and how to hear it

And a bit off topic:

50 things that are being killed by the Internet. I might add high quality video production to that too.

carbongirl Top 20 most unbelievable photos!

pablokorona: how have i not seen this site before?!?!

nicholaspattenFast Food Revealed: Real vs. Ads. (I want to do this with video!)

wingrove Buy a gorgeous Replica 1967 F1 car. Hit the gallery for some hand built engineering goodness..…. (click this link open wheel racing fans and prepare to drool!)

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(or if you really want the physical disc: The ’59 Sound on CD