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October 2009

First update to Final Cut Studio Three hits

Apple has just released the first maintenance update to the new Final Cut Studio Three version 2009 (or whatever it's called). Check your software update if you are between projects. Or you can sign in here and download. I'm desperate for an update to Compressor that address crashing. I'm having a lot of crashes (both with ...

Fall Linkage: October 2009

I discussed using PluralEyes auto syncing software on a music video over at the Editblog on PVC. Mike Jones has a great article talking about developer's plugging the holes in Final Cut Pro's boat. You may never need to do this but if you do here's how to change the timecode / system frequency on a Sony ...

Livetype to the rescue for local commercial!

While watching tv the other night I saw this local commercial for retailer Electronic Express. It's a virtual cornucopia of Motion text animation presets and/or Livetype type moves. This stuff is the annoying-local-commerical-producer's best friend! What hath Apple wrought? Of course this is all over local tv these days, gotta love it!