Thanksgiving Linkage: November 2009


Over at the Editblog on PVC I posted a review of the new Apple Magic Mouse and Final Cut Studio as well as a look at mocha for Final Cut.

There’s also my Tangent Wave review on PVC and another Wave review at the Biscardi Creative Blog.

HDHead has a post on MetaFuze Network Rendering.

We all want to know how to speed up Compressor, right?

It’s been a not too great secret that Gluetools is working on an FCP Log and Transfer plug-in for Canon media.

Digital Films is full of great info this month with some great tips for small camera and hybrid DSLR production and discussion on the AJA Ki Pro and the Blackmagic Design UltraScope.

So Apple introduced this new iFrame codec. Why it’s a bad idea. Why it’s a good idea. IMHO any new codec at this point in time is a bad idea.

Here’s a nice piece on writing for editing.

Ahhh vignettes and vignetting.

Mike Jones has listed a nice free digital library resource.

Studio Monthly reviews Sonicfire Pro 5.

Take the Survey: 50 States, 50 Filmmakers.

And there’s the Weisscam camera for super slo mo.

Here’s part 3 of an interview with Michael Wohl of the original Final Cut Pro development team.

Come on now, can the iPhone really be a “serious, zooming video camera?”

You can kill hours exploring this best movies of all time map.

Damn John Cusack is a good driver.

Get your designer 3D glasses before Avatar hits!

And finally, Final Cut Pro has made it to FailBlog.

Do you want to know how to download and install Lightroom presets?

Links from Twitter:

ross_shain: 50% off mocha for Final Cut all November!

markspen: How to Cheat in Motion new book by my friend Patrick – great tips

digitalheaven: Take the survey and tell us what you’d like to see in Loader 2.0, the import app for FCP:

hyams: netflix push studios to cut inventory cost by half in exchange for one-month delay on new releases

stevensantos: Indie Film Shakeout: There Will Be Blood

gorillaprod: NFB doc short that inspired Kubrick’s 2001. Film fan must see… old school sfx & V.O. sound like HAL

DylanReeve: Oooh, I blogged “The DVR Battle – TiVO vs MySky”

TJSeiler freelance bill calculator… i dig

vignesraj: jitouch – Multitouch Extension for MacBook’s Trackpad.

RodHarlan: For your next project: Here are 13 Tools for Building your own iPhone app!

brucesharpe: “Seismic Shift: Why DSLRs Are Changing the Game” Nice survey by Jem Schofield.

ccrask: Rt 10 Ways you can use Twitter lists:

comebackshane: The lies we all tell…

digitalreb: Excellent review of the Matrox CompressHD card:

DylanReeve: Interesting, echoes a lot of my thoughts on film schools in NZ (I graduated from one)

sam_longoria: Are Filmmaking and Film School Going Down The Drain?

lafcpug: Tickets go on sale for the “The Avid/FCP 2-Step” lafcpug meet, Nov 5 at 12:00 noon

tylerginter : 10 breathtaking viewing platforms around the world: (via @petapixel)

geoperdis: Interactive image from World Series game 1, made from 675 stitched photo. Can you spot Alec Baldwin behind home plate?

taigmcnab: New on the website: Final thoughts on Final Cut Server

markspen: Every MacBreak Studio episode on Motion in one place:

5tu :Added some details to the anamorphic lens test.

bcfilmmaker : “District 9” VFX Sequence Supervisor writes about The Current Status of Visual Effects

nicholaspatten :Free Peeling Paint Textures.

jarrardcole :A must read for anyone who is or interacts with cashiers: The royal order of the coin


Here a recent investigative piece that is a great study into why concert tickets are so expensive and why you can’t buy cheap seats seconds after they go on-sale.

Books of the month:

You can give Norman Hollyn‘s books a read while we all wait for his next one: