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January 2010

Happy New Linkage: January 2010

In case you missed it, RED's Ted had a Scarlet prototype (among other things) he was showing at CES. We're starting a monthly backup reminder. And here's another backup discussion. It's a good idea for editors to understand the basics of audio compression. Post Fifth Pictures wrote about their experience with FCP, AE and gamma issues. Here's a nice ...

Letterman's Technical Maintenance Minute

The Late Show with David Letterman has started a segment called the Technical Maintenance Minute. The 1/5/10 segment was about Avid and for us Avid geeks it was great. Sorry the quality sucks as I grabbed it with my iPhone as the segment went by. I need to figure out how to pull good video ...

A real live LiveFont on CNN

I've seen LiveFonts all over local cable advertising but have rarely seen them dancing their way around national broadcast and cable television. But this morning CNN broke 'em out during a story about the lobbying of Congress by unexpected parties during the healthcare debate:

Today is the first Backup Day!

With this the second day of 2010 we begin a new monthly reminder from the Editblog ... This will be a quick post early in the month, each month, to remind you to take a few moments and backup! Be it just an assortment of important files or entire hard drives I hope this monthly post ...