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August 2010

New DSLR Filmmaking Bundle available

There's a new bundle option available at New Media Webinars where they've packaged together some of their most popular webinars into a package. That includes a new DSLR Filmmaking Bundle which is both the DSLR Filmmaking Production Reality Check and the DSLR Filmmaking Post Workflows webinar that I hosted recently together for only $40. That ...

Hot July Linkage: 2010

Magic Bullet Colorista II shipped and I wrote a review of it over at the Editblog on PVC. I also wrote a little discussion about a sloppy Final Cut Pro timeline. Oliver Peters again discusses RED post, the easy way. And if you haven't read his discussion about levels in Avid vs. FCP then click over ...

U.S. version of Top Gear!

Well Top Gear fans, looks like the U.S. version on the History Channel is a go. Autoblog had a post about it yesterday. You Tube has the trailer. I will reserve any judgement until I have seen the entire first season.