Linkage: September 2010

Media Composer 5 upgrade prices going up on October 1, 2010—act now to take advantage of current pricing:

Alexis Van Hurkman has a great wrap-up to IBC 2010. He talks talks about loving the nodes in DaVinci Resolve.

I really think that Resolve is kinda like our Alexa.

Warren Eagles wrapped up IBC as well.

And DaVinci Resolve for Mac is shipping btw.

Is Final Cut Pro reaching a tipping point in its lack of updates?

Speaking of FCP updates, Apple did release an update this week.

Is your FCP install this stable?

Shane Ross has been doing some great FCP tutorials lately.

AETUTS has opened a marketplace!

We gotta store all that file based media somewhere, somehow.

This Hackintosh idea could give us all a few more PCI slots.

Bookmark this After Effects CS5 tutorial series for beginners if you need it.

Here’s a talent release form that might come in handy as well as some free digital video e-books.

This is a great how-to for a cool Lexus commercial.

I want a Playstation Move, here’s a review.

I love the show Weed and reading about the edit.

Amidst all the Resolve talks, here’s a nice discussion on grading a movie with Apple Color.

And maybe there will be an iPad Color control app.

Maybe there are some solutions for FCP’s media management issues.

18 Awesome Gadgets For A Video Production Specialist To Have. OK.

Links from Twitter:

thedailyMUBI Spike Lee on the opening of 25th HOUR @ArtoftheTitle

MartinBeek Sold my Canon 7D: explaining why…:

leolaporte is what Delicious could have been if Yahoo hadn’t neglected it. And it syncs with Delicous. I’m using it full time now.

FCPDaily: Avoid subpixels in #FinalCutPro to keep images looking crisp and clean! #FCP

ilovehue With XML import too! RT @deanand: #R3D REDcineX build 320 with R3D trim, new REDlog Film, S3D, and more

millimeter_mag H.264 for the Mac: Compressor versus x264

nprmusic The Making Of The New Arcade Fire Video

StudioDaily RT @Createasphere: Is Werner Herzog’s new 3-D documentary a huge forward leap or total folly?

digitalreb Interesting thread – The unbelievable slowness of Compressor encoding:

digitalreb If you own a 2010 Mac Pro, you need to boot into 32-bit mode to use your Avid dongle:

digitalreb Found a strange process running on your system? Here’s a great reference site:

Lightroom Learn when to use a Filter vs. a Smart Collection in #Lightroom:

Mewshop Final Cut Pro Blog – Vimeo Settings For Final Cut Pro: To read the full article please click here.

PeterWiggins 20 Final Cut Pro plugin tutorials

CounterCultureP Flipbook for Arri Alexa: Check out the flip book from Arri for the Alexa.
Shoot > Edit > ALEXA.

AdobePremiere Paul Trani shows how to apply effects and save effect presets: details of effect presets:…

ebertchicago Christiane Kubrick speaks about Stanley and their marriage of 41 years.

justwinston Read two articles about the Pharmaceutical industry in the past couple days. Horrifying stuff:

GuyKawasaki The price tags of 8 famous brand redesigns

Lifehacker How to Always Get to the Airport On Time

TEDTALK Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself

Filmbot 2001 :A Space Odyssey- Doco from Douglas Trumbull

Finally (and predictably):

stevensantos Congress trying to quietly kill a bill that would cut their pay I wrote all my member of Congress about this for comment and not a single word back.