50% off webinars on Black Friday

If you’re not heading out to Target or Home Depot at 4:00 AM then fire up your web browser and grab some new media webinars for half price. There’s a lot of good educational stuff over there to choose from including Web Video Compression Techniques or Editing Bootcamp: Get Organized!. If I may also recommend and of the DSLR webinars including DSLR Filmmaking Color Grading WorkflowsDSLR Filmmaking Production Reality Check and the webinar that I hosted, DSLR Filmmaking Post Workflows. There’s also one more upcoming DSLR webinar called DSLR Filmmaking Audio Techniques Production and Post so there’s something out there for everyone. On December 2 I’ll be doing another webinar called Useful Applications For Digital Filmmakers. It should be a lot of fun so sign up today and head back on Friday for 50% off.