Useful Apps for Digital Filmmakers webinar now available

If you missed Thursday’s Useful Applications for Digital Filmmakers webinar it’s now available for download as an On Demand webinar. For $25 you get the full 90 minute, screen captured webinar, a podcast about the topic, an extra 15 minute (or so) video presentation with several tools we didn’t discuss during the webinar. There’s also a PDF included with links to all the Mac, iPhone and iPad apps we discussed during the webinar as well as a few we didn’t get to as we ran out of time.

Here’s the actual webinar description:

This webinar will be a fast, fun walk-through and discussion of handy, useful Macintosh applications that would be at home in any digital filmmaker’s toolbox. The software discussed will run the gamut from free to paid, a few dollars up to a few hundred. While all stages of filmmaking will be discussed with useful tools for pre-production, production and post-production, a strong emphasis will be placed on post production.

This was really a fun webinar to present as it wasn’t the usual task or workflow oriented program but rather a fun, fast walkthrough of a lot of tools that I know I couldn’t live without. I hope it might help in spending some money!