Linkage: June 2011

So they say prolonged sitting may be as dangerous as smoking!

Dropbox is wonderful but some etiquette when using it with others would be nice.

Part 1 of 3 on choosing the right shared storage solution. I am following this one with great interest.

More about RED EPIC!

Here’s part 1 of Post Soup, (it’s about post-supervising) which looks to be a great series.

We might need to know how to create a bootable Mac OS Lion disk once it ships via Mac app store download.

If you need edumacation about HD color model and sub-sampling then this is the article for you.

Editmote is an iPhone control app for your NLE. I’m  looking forward to see where this one goes.

AETUS helps out with creating dynamic, hand-drawn text.

Here’s some help with keeping that aspect ratio when scaling down your footage.

Splice Now has a tip on displaying source track names in the Avid timeline.

Why are FCP thumbnails showing media offline when media is available?

Do you need to reinvent yourself?

This tutorial about superimposing a car onto another image is a great photoshop tutorial.

First we get some deep analyzation of the FCPX screenshots that might show Motion integration then we got some possibly leaked Motion 5 screenshots. Just get it here already.

Can You Customize the Tangent Wave for DaVinci Resolve? Or just go with the cheapest control surface ever.

If you’re curious about RED EPIC then read about others playing with EPIC frames.

If you’re a Roger Waters / The Wall fan then this piece on the current tour animations might be of interest.

This is a great idea: still photos brought to life with a little bit or motion.

Do you need to know how to whistle real loud?

You really should look at this picture of Bonnaroo from the air.

Link from Twitter:

silveradosys [HDTV] …what are the specs that really matter? #media

synapticlight RT @Raindance: 6 ways film directors screw editors:

FilmBudget Cable companies start charging heavy streaming video users.

blatherskyte The best article I’ve read so far on why cable tv doesn’t go a la carte:

onerivermedia Using #multicam #HDSLR and #timecode together on set.

AdobeAE using Warp Stabilizer to remove objects and perform a content-aware fill in After Effects CS5.5:…

digitalreb Interesting undocumented feature in Avid’s PhraseFind:…

AdobePremiere CUDA processing improvements in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5: details:

freshdv RT @johnaugust: Screenwriters: We made an app for the iPad. It lets you read Final Draft files and looks great.

finalcutters Got noisy footage? 21 noise reduction plug-ins for Final Cut Pro

jamiecobbeditor So ridiculous & yet I want one 🙂 RT @joetombarello: Stay In Style & Keep Warm Inside The Edit Bay ~>

IncMagazine Here’s how great logos have evolved over the ages.

hblodget America is DEMOLISHING rest of world in military expenditures and % of families that have been homeless

josephnasto Dunno how old this link is, but this “scale of the universe” blows my mind: