Linkage: October 2011

These are 13 memorable quotes from Steve Jobs (but beware you have to click through to every one).

Steve Jobs narrated an unaired Think Different commercial.

Mike Jones says to start acting like an amateur if you want to be a professional one day. This is a good read, good food for thought.

Everything you probably ever wanted to know about NVIDIA GPUs and what they mean for Adobe Premiere Pro is right here.

Editor Jamie Cobb writes a great piece on editing violence.

Editor Jason Konoza discusses things he’s learned about editing from Postchat. And if you don’t know about #postchat read about it here.

An interesting opinion on what Adobe might do with IRIDAS SpeedGrade.

What is the future of big color grading systems?

One editor discusses basic split edits in Final Cut Pro X.

Here’s some Thunderbolt impressions.

And here’s some help if you’re moving from Media Composer 4 to 5.

And then here’s some cross-platform, multi-NLE, tapeless transcoding workflow tips.

Great detail of what is imported into Premiere Pro from a Final Cut Pro XML.

The Cinedeck RX looks like  a nice tool for the right application.

Batch renaming clips in Adobe Bridge is one way to accomplish that task.

Did you get your copy of the new and improved (and free) Post Haste version 2.0?

Two unpaid interns have files a Black Swan lawsuit. The comments are a good read.

do videobloggers really make millions through online content?

Is this video proof that many war images are staged?

I think it’s great that iOS 5’s iMessage might cut into some cellular carrier’s crazy expensive text messaging fees.

This is a nice Lightroom Q and A.

Tower Heist is going to hit VOD just a few weeks after it hits the theatre? And speaking of Comcast they are testing some different kind of package deals.

Links from Twitter:

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