It's a Boy again Linkage: December 2011

Here’s some holiday gift ideas from both myself and Prolost as well as gifts for DPs.

Avid Media Composer 6 is now out in the world. Read about it here and here.

There’s a new Avid Assistant Editor’s handbook available.

Shane Ross has started looking at Premiere Pro over on his blog.

We’re still looking for those Thunderbolt products. As are others.

Here’s an introduction to SpeedGrade from Adobe.

A theatre that will encourage texting and cell phone use?

60 (yes 60) feature requests for Final Cut Pro X.

The Jack of All Trades discussion is always one worth having these days.

Here’s the top After Effects feature requests.

The hypocrites in Hollywood like to bit torrent too.

And again, is the Mac Pro dead?

Uh oh. The record industry is starting to sue wedding videographers for using copyrighted music.

This question is often asked. Is the traditional post house dead?

Tom Cruise did do his on stunts on the big Mission Impossible building.

Roger Ebert has a nice list of his favorite films of the year.

An amazing set of Polaroid photos that documented a life.

That was 20 years of footage the Pearl Jam Twenty editors had to sort through.

Yes this is a promo for Google but it a great recap of the year that was.