Linkage: January 2012

Some Mac users have been dipping their toes in the PC waters at their facility.

If you haven’t heard big reality tv producers Bunim/Murray are moving from Final Cut Pro to Media Composer. And there’s more detail to that story here.

Here’s a great blog about Autodesk Smoke.

This is a nice Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 wishlist with some 5.5 gripes. And it appears CS6 will ship in the first half of 2012.

Painting video frames in Photoshop can come in very handy.

Apparently you can get the full Sorenson Squeeze 8 with an Avid Media Composer purchase.

Goody. More words that sitting in front of the computer all day is killing you.

This post that hypothesizes that Final Cut Pro X is better than the rest because it is faster than the rest has some epic discussion in the comments.

And this post debunks that idea that FCPX is so much faster than other NLEs. If you want even more then a COW discussion about that post is further reading.

For those curious about 4K workflow this Dragon Tattoo article is a great read.

This is a fun discussion of the jump cut.

Here’s a list of some free filmmaking ebooks.

Are DSLRs really a dying breed?

Are you keeping up with who is in and out of SOPA?

There are simple rules for a creator’s life.

So maybe kids today can hear audio quality above and beyond crappy mp3s through ear buds.

There’s a new rule that documentary features must get a review in the LA Times or NY Times to quality for the Oscars.

Kickstarter keeps growing and growing.

There’s a cloud-based video editor going out of beta. But who really cares since automatic video editing is where it’s all headed anyway.

These long exposure shots of fireflies are just gorgeous.

Links from Twitter:

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digitalreb Interesting thread on how the different settings in the Import dialog affect how Avid remaps a clip’s levels:…

BKMeditor Smoke Basics: Working with Source Clips A detailed explanation of the Editdesk.

indiewire Netflix, Piracy and the IRS: The Top 10 Filmmaker Toolkit Articles of 2011

videoguys Tech trends you’ll see in 2012

CPDaily Creating a new demo reel for 2012? Check out these 20 tips for making a successful reel:

boxee How Much Is Your Cable Habit REALLY Costing You? via @Gothamist

girlgamy The 10 Best Productivity Apps of 2011 by @HarrisonWeber on @TNWapps

Company3 Here are some time-saving touchscreen shortcuts that some of you iPhone/iPad experts might not know.

wingrove Tangent devices confirm pricing for element panels.. $695 to $1195us ea with bundle price of $3,495us for all 4

josephnasto This is awesome! – Before They Were Famous: The Short Films of Well Known Directors

ilmgeek Found out 2 weeks ago that a clean lion install doesn’t have QuickTime 7. Turns out you CAN get an installer:

slashfilm Q&A: How Do I Know If My IMAX Theatre is Real 70mm IMAX or lieMAX (Digital IMAX)?

Just_CoS_ Jan Harlan writes Stanley Kubrick about Steadicam. History in the making – Letters of Note: It’s just terrific

PostMasters876 We have Updated our workflow structure with a few minor changes. Download here –> – Happy Editing.

Finally, sit back and enjoy this trip around the world:

Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse from Kien Lam on Vimeo.