Linkage: February 2012

Final Cut Pro X updated to 10.0.3.  I kicked the tires on the update including the multicam as well as as an article about the utility that moves FCP7 edits to FCPX.

Speaking of FCPX you can export chapter markers from it after all. You can also use any title template as default text or a lower-third. Apple posted some multicam editing tips and tricks. And while you’re at it pick up these free FCPX effects for much better animation control. Plus don’t forget to read these reasonable requests for FCPX.

Here’s a free seminar on mastering the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline panel.

Here’s a script that searches out new Avid media since the last time it ran. I haven’t used it but it sounds rather handy so be sure and read up on it before using.

The new Magic Bullet Suite update includes Avid Media Composer support for Magic Bullet Looks.

This guy is editing right from his Canon 5D on the iPad with iMovie. If you use the new Avid Studio video editing app for iPad it might work even better.

There’s some nice tools in this editor’s swiss army knife post if you’re a Windows user.

You can now get Canon C300 media into FCPX easily.

Did you know LogMeIn has gone freemium? I used it the other day to remotely control a machine at work and it’s great.

Automatic Duck has made their Avid media copy program Media Copy available for free along with all the rest of their stuff.

Here’s a soon to be released FCPX to Avid Pro Tools utility. And here’s a quick Arri Alexa Pro Res Avid Media Composer workflow.

Need the Avid Media Composer 6 Editor’s Guide?

This is an interesting read about the current pro video market.

This HTML 5 Photoshop simulator is cool but it crashes the browser tab sometimes.

Link from Twitter:

AdobePremiere RT @digitalreb: Interesting trick for adding FCPX-like skimming to Adobe Premiere Pro:

careyd “In Production”, new web series. Topic: Color Grading & DaVinci Resolve.

comebackshane #FCX plays back less streams of ProRes than #FCP Legacy in this review. Reviewer thinks it might be GPU related……

ywwg Something I’ve never seen before — stereo 3D photographs from the American Civil War…

 mediaguy777 I just liked “The future of the Mac Pro in video post (and why Thunderbolt is not the answer)” on Vimeo:

mikejonestv Must read for Editors – Free sample chapter from Cutting Rhythms – Timing, Pacing & Trajectory Phrasing #EditingandPost

robgwilson You like editing? This is editing. 99 Problems by Jay-Z Recreated With Film Clips by @EclecticMethod.…

Alanedit What people think editors do.

careyd RT @PhilipBloom: 7 pro editors give their thoughts on FCP X Worth reading.

musicitydp The Oscar-Nominated Editor of ‘Moneyball’ Deconstructs a Scene:

rhedpixel New Blog Post: How to Buy Multiple Copies of FCPX without Multiple iTunes Accounts

Jack_McFly Excellent article on the changing landscape of post-houses (and their all-in-one trend)

noefresh #FCPX manual now available as a PDF.…

BourkePR Check out @imagineersystem tut library. Latest video, how to remove objects and logos… 

artaldrich Sonnet Thunderbolt to e34 adapter reviewed. Wish there was more compatibility…

flowseeker Film career flowchart is fun in a snarky way

beastoftraal Apple, America and a Squeezed Middle Class How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work. Long, but amazing read!

BuddyRoemer #FollowTheMoney Who Owns Congress? A Campaign $$ Seating Chart:…