Linkage: March 2012

Ever wonder why Media Composer’s MXF format is different than those MXF format that most cameras shoot?

If you need to get from FCP to Media Composer this article might help.

The Color of Emotion from colorist Alexis Van Hurkman.

Here’s 6 free FCPX effects for better FCPX animation control.

Scopebox 3.0 is out for $99.

Here’s an Apple knowledge base article about FCPX troubleshooting. Might come in handy.

Here’s a good read on the state of video today.

Wanna use an iPad for audio mixing in Avid Media Composer?

You can use an iPhone as an audio recorder when you’re in a tight spot.

Shane Ross is talking about his broken Macbook and starting an interesting blog about how his family is living more frugally.

What do VFX editor really do? Really?

5 ways FCPX is changing editing for the better? Some nice points but number 5 is a bit silly.

Here’s a nice tutorial about audio sync in Redcine-X Pro.

Enjoy this nice VFX breakdown courtesy of Mike Jones.

IRIDAS is suing Adobe. Not sure what this means (if anything) for Speedgrade.

From film to files. A long but good read from Observations on film art.

This is a good TED talk on the numbers behind the copyright infringement claims.

Here’s a new website that’s a community for iBook authors.

Here’s a good use of different web technologies where an investigative reporter answers complaints from one of his investigation subjects.

That 4G indicator that popped up on your iphone 4S isn’t really 4G.

Links from Twitter:

xthrob New training DVD out about a full shot from the feature film “Priest”. This is the real shot, not a smaller version.

VisionWrangler New Super 8 footage of Challenger disaster unearthed:…

simonbakermedia Scary…! Editing Video in Photoshop a Pretty Good Sneak Peek:

AdobePremiere pixel aspect ratios and image aspect ratios in Adobe Premiere Pro:

MediaComposer Edit multicam footage with no timecode reference using Media Composer 6. Learn how with @KPMcAuliffe:…

Heycameraman Ikea Introduces Online Video Assembly Instructions

mozhenko iMovie for Windows 

REVisionFX The long awaited Twixtor for FCPX is here!! Try the Demo version for Free!

markspen All recent #MacBreakStudio episodes in place

TVAfterTV #IPTV NBC Shuts Down ‘Community’-Inspired ‘Inspector Spacetime’ Web Series

PaulZadie The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore – What we did right. What we did wrong. Lessons learned.

ronsussman Unleash the power of Davinci Resolve on your iPad!

oshpetok #Resolve users: Are you sick of that annoying nVidia popup window when you boot up? Here’s a solution to kill it…

dwolfmeyer Watched this: about Baxter & Wall, & then saw this one about @film114 in the same collection.

OFFHOLLYWOOD Automate your Dropbox,

OFFHOLLYWOOD Acquired by LinkedIn – Connected is FREE and awesome. –

metcalf_nick digital vs film goes to the movies

This video about the next Adobe Premiere Pro is quite funny: