Linkage: December 2012

Classic FCP is the NLE that wouldn’t die.

This is a ProRes test worth checking out.

Here’s an expansive post about editing in the big 3 NLEs.

Adobe listed their top feature requests for After Effects in 2012.

Read about Canadian editor turned James Bond director John Glen.

If you’re using Premiere Pro, Quicktime and Nikon cameras then Adobe posted to help you out.

If you wonder about LUTs here’s a good read.

Is there power in hiding complexity?

This Google spreadsheet has a ton of Adobe After Effects ray-traced CUDA performance comparisons.

Variety magazine is talking about the editors of this year’s films.

I hadn’t really thought anything about the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo teaser until I read this.

You can try a public beta of Boris Continuum Complete for FCPX if you want.

You can pre-order your REDRAY player now.

USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt on the same drive with a cable included?

This is a nice interview with the editor of Argo.

It would seem video on the internet helped kill the radio star.

Did I link to this new podcast The Track Matte Moment before? I can’t remember.

If you’d like to watch the story of GoPro then watch this.

What’s that? A video essay on constructive editing?

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This last video blog from The Hobbit focuses on post:



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