Linkage: January 2013

Are my editing and post predictions for the new year really that cynical?

For 2013 we should all resolve to be creative.

That AJA T-Tap looks pretty cool if you have Thunderbolt. Or these two Thunderbolt devices might help for I/O.

Want to go offline to online with 4K?

So After Effects turned 20.

The DIT Dilemma is a good read.We’ll see how much of it really comes true.

Would you like to learn some Premiere Pro shortcuts on your iPhone?

Avid has posted the great Bad Robot webcast.

Did you get your 4K presets for Adobe Media Encoder?

Here’s some production budget numbers for ABC’s Nashville television show.

iMovie isn’t the only cheap little video editor for the Mac.

Here’s some good DVD extras for editors.

So, they say 3D is dead.

Django editor Editor Fred Raskin discussed cutting the film.

Here’s a pdf of an article about editing at Pixar. I keep trying to send it Instapaper and it doesn’t work!  😉

Here’s another pdf with a lot of command for the Avid Media Composer Console. Powerful stuff but be careful.

The best nature pics of 2012 says it all.

Did you know Netflix encodes a movie something like 120 ways? I wonder if they really do use FCPX in the process.

Is this the best movie commentary track ever? Paul Thomas Anderson says so.

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