Linkage: May 2013


Tired of the rat race of this business? Then this franchise is for you.

Editors needing therapy go here.

Adobe has been discussing this whole Creative Cloud thing.

Speaking of Adobe can you have a Photoshop clone in a web browser?

So you can use Adobe Encore with the new Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro.

Here’s some Macros with Applescript for video editing.

This is a nice read on how to start your editing business.

I learned 4 things about the After Effects render queue here.

Is Adobe Anywhere the only tool that will make you a better filmmaker? Maybe but it’s really just for enterprise and not you.

If you need a RED survival guide get it here.

If you missed the Avid Media Composer 7 demo then watch this.

Get rid of those annoying Mac OSX “open with” duplicates.

WTF?! Fix it in post.

Want some info on Sony’s F65?  Go right here.

These are some good books on film editing.

Are video test patterns really necessary?

Let Avid answer questions about the new Symphony option.

This will help understand Avid Media Composer’s EQ Tool.

These gmail tips are gold.

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