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We missed July linkage as we were too busy editing to pull all the links together. But here’s a bigger and better August linkage for your reading pleasure.

Here is a very interesting read as to where Avid might have gone with the whole second screen and metadata stuff. If only.

And in good After Effects stuff: A video on 2D tracking with the 3D tracker. Here’s a two parter on how to make a water color wipe.  This 19 part series on scripting is intense and in-depth. And you can use AE for finishing as well.

This NLE comparison chart has quite a lot of useful info in there.

If you’ve ever had any of your films stored at DuArt in New York City then you’ll be interested in this.

You can apparently use a Media Composer 7 license to activate older versions of MC.

A good Avid to After Effect workflow can always come in handy.

Freelancer? Then read this about the cost of doing business.

Need some Avid AMA guides? This site has posted a bunch of them together.

Old new now but if you didn’t see the 7.0.1 update to Adobe Premiere Pro then get it now.

NAB was months ago but this pre-NAB panel discussion is a good one.

This story of saving a Quicktime file from an AJA Ki Pro might be of use someday.

This is a generational loss comparison between ProRes, DNxHD and Cineform. I’d like to do my own someday.

This article asks if ProRes if really the pro codec we all think it is.

Who doesn’t like free fonts that someone else is curating!?!?

This probably really is the ultimate aspect ratio guide.

Here’s some security rules for storing your data in the cloud.

There are a lot of Oscar nominated docs streaming on Netflix.

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