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U.S. version of Top Gear!

Well Top Gear fans, looks like the U.S. version on the History Channel is a go. Autoblog had a post about it yesterday. You Tube has the trailer. I will reserve any judgement until I have seen the entire first season.

25 years of automotive television … and editing.

I'm a big sports car fanatic and there is a great automotive news magazine called Motorweek that has been airing on PBS for years. The show has a mix of automotive reviews and performance tests, tech tips and feature stories. It's produced in a very formal, laid-back kind of style. It's not overly flashy, the ...

"Earl" and freeze frames

Tonight I watched My Name is Earl (on NBC) for the first time. Funny!!!! I had heard it was a very good show and all I heard was indeed correct. It's a bit raunchy so not for the kiddies and some really nice little gags that slide in unexpectedly. And best thing of all is ...

What's wrong with Martha's Apprentice?

This article prompted me to wonder exactly what is wrong with Martha Stewart's Apprentice; (The above link is no longer current) I think the biggest problem revolves around that fact that Martha's version is exactly the same as Donald's version, only with Martha. Of course that is exactly what they were going for. But 2 of the ...