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I get a lot of questions and emails about what software and products that we like here at The Editblog. I set up this page as a place to list the stuff we use. I guess you could call these product endorsements as they are all items that we have worked with and/or do work with in our professional and personal projects. The web links to these products listed below will take you to different online stores like Amazon or Toolfarm. I thought that since we were beginning to assemble a list of stuff we use then why not try to monetize it a bit! That and I’ve always wondered if anyone with blogs ever make any money off of this type of thing. We get good traffic here at The Editblog so why not give it a try!

Of course there are mainstream brands that we work with and write about but a lot of the products listed below are from smaller manufactures or independent software developers. Support them by buying their products and you can support The Editblog by clicking through from the links below. Thanks for your support and thanks for reading The Editblog!

FxFactory Pro from Noise Industries is one of our favorite plug-in packages for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects. Tons of great effects, affordable and updated often. Their architecture allows the user to build their own effects and transitions or other developers to build off of their technology and market their effects. They also make the Factory Tools plug-ins for Avid Media Composer.

The CoreMelt Complete Bundle is another great Final Cut Pro plug-in package that is very full featured.

Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite is another package that is a must-have for editors. The box contains installers for both the Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and Avid Media Composer versions. You can buy pieces of this bundle separately like Colorista for color correction, Steady for removing camera shake, Frames for getting the 24p look of film, Instant HD for uprezing SD to HS and Looks for color grading with a unique tool with a fantastic interface.

The Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP / Pro Export Bundle is a necessity to move edits between Avid and Final Cut Pro

Stagetools Moving Picture with Rotation does one thing and does it very well, the pan and zoom, Ken Burns effects on still images. They also do the same thing in an Avid version.

Nattress plug-ins have been a Final Cut Pro standard and the Nattress Big Box of Tricks is one of the best values available. Nattress also produces their own version of Film Effects and a Standards Converter.

Of course there are the biggies: Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Studio and the Adobe Creative Suite Production bundle. We use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to organize our still photography.

You must replace the Mac OS Finder with Path Finder from Cocatech right now.

RapidWeaver is easy web site creation that has a very active community and lots of add-ons.

If you need to do any Windows Media encoding then Flip4Mac or Flip4Mac HD is nice to have around.

Panic Software’s Transmit is our favorite FTP client.

Storyboard Quick is a great tool for storyboarding your film. You do storyboard right?

The desk is small so the Apple Cinema 30-inch HD Flat-Panel Display is the perfect monitor for all of the application windows one must have open while editing.

The G-Tech G Raid has been a workhorse hard drive over the years.

Once you use the little track ball on top of the Apple Mighty Mouse you’ll find it hard to use a mouse without.

The Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball is great with it’s customizable button and scroll ring.

The Contour Design Shuttle Pro makes navigating Final Cut Pro and Avid much easier.

If you do much Photoshop or effects then you’ll love a Wacom graphics tablet like the INTUOS3 or the smaller Bamboo tablet. If money is no object then we all would like the amazing Wacom Techno Cintiq Pen Display.

We’ve recently added the Canon 7D for great stills and even better video. You can get it at Amazon both as a kit ($2,199)
with a lens or just the body only($1,699).

When looking for an affordable “prosumer” HD video camera we settled on the Canon HV20. It’s been replaced by the HV30 now. It’s a standard DV Rebel camera and produces great images.

The Rode VideoMic is an affordable external microphone for any video camera. For a bit more cost you can get the Stereo VideoMic.

The Canon Digital Rebel is a great DSLR that can take fantastic pictures. If you have one you must get the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. It is very affordable and a nice introduction to prime lenses.

The Lowepro CompuDaypack is a great compromise between a camera bag, laptop bag and backpack.

The Giottos MM-9160 Aluminum Pro Monopod is light, sturdy, supports up to 33 pounds and telescopes down to a very small size.

The Sunpak VersiPod II Monopod/Tripod Combo is a great compromise for a light camera. And it makes a nice walking stick too.

Shane Ross’ DVD will help you with Getting Organized in Final Cut Pro.

Call Box produces a number of great training DVDs covering cameras and workflow.

The Film Editing Room Handbook by Norman Hollyn has to be read by any and every editor. The Lean Forward Moment is Norman’s newest book and an editor must read.

Walter Murch’s In the Blink of an Eye is the other editor must read.

Rick Schmidt has two classic books: Feature Filmmaking at Used-Car Prices and Extreme DV at Used-Car Prices.

The DV Rebel’s Guide by Stu Maschwitz is another great resource for all of us making movies on the cheap.



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